Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Full Snowy Days

Some thoughts on this wonderful day:
Emma decked out in her Cone of Shame
Emma is wearing the Cone of Shame after the surgery to fix her cherry eye. It is not slowing her down one bit.
Three of the sisters: (from left to right) Emma, Pepsi, and Meme
I attended my first Handling Class with Emma in Milton with Sandra (breeder of Emma) and Emma's two sisters, Pepsi and Meme. Emma was a natural in the ring and an instant star. I was so inspired to see her prance about, as if she owned the ring. 

We were sure that Pepsi (the middle one in the photo) was going to be great in the ring. But as Sandra was coaxing Pepsi around the ring, tail down, obviously uncomfortable, Meme was observing from her crate and barking non-stop as if to let us know that she wanted to be given the chance. And sure enough, shy little Meme outperformed Pepsi. The instant she set foot in the ring, her head and tail went up and she strut her stuff. It was amazing to see! Despite the snow storm and accompanying slippery roads on the way home from Milton, seeing these wonderful dogs learn the Show routine was worth it.
My first homemade card...well, first in a long time
I designed my first card, inspired by a woman named Dawn on the web. This first is for my Dad. I was up until 3. So much scrapbooking inspiration….so little time!
2010 Christmas Tree
It is the end of Christmas and our beautiful tree is put to bed until next year.

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