Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quilters With Big Hearts

The Quilters from Albright Manor in Beamsville hosted a luncheon today at the Friendship Centre. This group of women create beautiful quilts to give to those in need in our community. Many have been given to cancer patients and last week, five were given to the new patients at McNally House. Each quilt is created with love and before it is given, the women gather to say a prayer for the recipient. One member of the group spoke about the fact that she knew nothing about quilting when she joined the group. Now she is one of their most prolific quilters.

It was an honour to be among these women with big hearts. I hope that they raised a lot of money from today's lunch and that they can continue to cover our community with the special kind of warmth from their beautiful quilts.

In the photo, from left to right sitting are: Kathy Kirby-Smith, Bev Rennie, Margaret Oliver and standing are: Clare Minarcik, Heather Carter and Carol Holmes.


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