Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Max Delivers Marketing Message

At NTAB's 10th Anniversary Celebration tonight, Max Valiquette delivered an entertaining and informative speech about marketing to youth. Some of the information he shared:
  • 60% of women work outside of the home
  • 44% of 20-29 year olds live at home
  • Full transition to adulthood is happening later
  • 25 years ago, average age of 25 for first marriage, now age 29
  • 25 years ago, average age of 25 for having first child, now age 29
  • Young people value relationships, communication, information, diversity and technology.
Max is the the founder and president of Youthography, Canada's leading youth marketing onslutancy, and the host of TVOntario's VoxTalk, a youth issues talk show. He was very entertaining and bears a little resemblance to Rick Mercer, don't you think?


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