Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Social Justice in Welland

Over the last couple of months, our Business Advisory Committee at the Hope Centre has morphed into the Social Justice Committee and some great events are planned to move the community to action. I met three young students from Notre Dame today who, along with their teacher, Paul Turner, are serious about ending poverty in the Welland community. Alyson Coons, Colton Hrcak and Angela Tilk are planning a Homelessness Awareness Night in April that will have them sleep outside in boxes and go hungry for a night. Alyson, Colton and Angela have been talking to the other schools in the area, in the hopes that more will join in their efforts on April 20th to raise awareness of the needs of our most vulnerable in the Welland/Pelham area.

Under the awesome leadership of the Executive Director, Sylvia Berkhout, there are exciting things happening at the Centre. Some badly needed renovations to the building are well underway and the Hope Centre continues to provide food, shelter and hope to those in our community that need it the most.

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