Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Impressed with West Niagara Partners

Once every quarter, Cheryl Scott at West Niagara Community Care hosts a luncheon networking meeting for community partners to come together to share information. The food is always interesting, usually made by one of the volunteers. And the information sharing and networking is always valuable.

There were about a dozen of us at the meeting today and we went around the table, announcing our affiliation and special events, news and needs of our organizations. I was so impressed with the women there. All were so passionate about their work, whether it be with young offenders, abused women, or seniors needing palliative care.

I was there as the Chair of the West Niagara WrapAround Initiative and I talked about the progress we have made so far. We have had a fundraiser and so we have some startup money in the bank. We have a dedicated committee and two partnering organizations that meet regularly (except in the last month.) And we have started to work with a family in the community.

Many of the women spoke about the growth in services over the last several years but also the challenges and continuing need in the growing communities in West Niagara.

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Magdalena said...

Keep up the good work.