Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Happiness Formula

I did four things today to make myself feel good. I have decided that they are part of my happiness formula.

I talked to John. I needed time to chat with my best friend and my love, John. I didn't need him to solve any problems or even advise me (although that was acceptable, I decided.) I just needed John to listen and to spend time with me engaged in conversation.

It was good. Just what I needed. 

I went out to the garden. For the past several weeks, the garden has lost its charm. The sprinkler system along with the rain drowned the impatiens. Many of the beds are looking sad. But today the crisper air and quiet in the neighbourhood beckoned me to my backyard paradise. I cleared away some dead annuals and small accumulation of autumn leaves. 

Oh, it does my heart good to be out there. Always. It works for me.

I practiced my yoga. It has been far too long since I practiced regularly. I started this afternoon by heating my room. Then I found some lovely choral music that would play longer than forty-five minutes without a CD change. I did one set of the Bikram magical twenty-six. 

It is magic. Something happens when I do Bikram yoga. A shift. To the good side.

I watched a great movie. As new subscribers to Netflix, we have enjoyed watching many films this summer. Most were good and some were great. Tonight was a great one. Hugo is a delightful tale about dreams and courage. As added bonuses, the movie has a happy ending and a wonderful final piece of music.

It was an easy film to watch. Great acting and a good story. It set my heart right. 

I am off to bed settled and happy. All feels right with the world. It is so great when you find the right formula!

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