Thursday, March 6, 2008

Body Image is Not Black and White

I met artist Cheryl-Ann Webster tonight at the opening of the Beautiful Women Project at the Downtown Art Centre in Hamilton. The exhibit, displaying the clay torsos of 120 real women, aged nineteen to ninety-one, is incredible. Each torso is a piece of art, reflecting the uniqueness of each woman. Accompanying each torso is a story about the woman with wonderful bits of wisdom and insight. "Our bodies tell our life story. They are portraits of our journeys and experiences. Knowing that our body is beautiful just as it exists is a message more people need to see and hear." says Cheryl Ann.

The Project is a teaching and healing tool for everyone and is designed to raise awareness about the link between self-worth, self-identity and physical appearance.

The show is presented by the YWCA Hamilton and runs until April 19th. What a great way to kick off International Women's Week!

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googlesux said...

hello, i was at an assembly today that you gave to Orchard Park. I was the Horashio glasses guy. I would just like to thank you for coming and talking to us. Because even though some were laughing, I know that a great deal more were getting the big picture. Please do come again!!