Saturday, May 12, 2007

Raising Money and Awareness for Crohn's & Colitis

Today every M&M Meat Shop across Canada held a Charity BBQ to help raise $1.9 million for research into Crohn’s and Colitis Disease. This was the 19th Annual BBQ Charity Day for the Foundation. The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada (CCFC) is a national not-for-profit voluntary medical research Foundation, founded for the purpose of finding the cure for inflammatory bowel disease. To achieve its mission, the Foundation is committed to raising funds for medical research.

Education is also part of the organization's mandate. The web site is most informative. I found it interesting to note that the Honorary Patron of CCFC is the Right Honorable Michaelle Jean. At the Paramount location of M&M meat Shops in Hamilton today, I met Ryan Spears, the organization's representative for Hamilton. Ryan makes an ideal ambassador and I was most impressed with this young man who has just completed his first year studies of Science at McMaster.

Pictured here is: Ryan Sears, Doug MacPhie, Heather Carter, Tim MacPhie and Chris MacPhie (serving the hot dog.) Missing from the photo is Elaine MacPhie who was busy taking donations. The MacPhie family are friends of the owners of this M&M and have helped with this annual BBQ for the last several years.

One of the great things about being a candidate is the opportunity to meet people like Ryan Sears and the MacPhie's and to learn about organizations like the CCYC. Nice people who are donating their time and energy to find a cure for inflammatory bowel disease.

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